Please read carefully.

The current active Cestus Dei officers are listed on the roster. Farken handles most recruitment issues. Don't hesitate to come to him with any issues or questions.

There is no set time period for your recruitment. How soon you are considered for member depends largely on you. We want to see great attendance and attitude at all times. We want to hear feedback from our members about how you have impressed them. This period is a test. Please conduct yourself appropriately. Be patient and always respectful to any guild members.

There will also be a raid channel. The raid channel is different every night. The raid channel will be announced when we start the raid in the guild motd. Every person on the raid must be in the raid channel. Most strategy and instructions will be announced in the raid channel. If there are any class/role specific channels for you, join those also. Speak to a member of your class to receive that channel information.

Most of the content we raid requires a full 54-person instance to be successful. We recruit surplus so that we can maintain the correct class balance for each encounter and can start raids in a timely manner. Obviously, this will result in the instance frequently being full and players having to sit out. Priority for instance spots is always given to full members first. Depending on your class, as recruit, you may rarely or frequently sit out. Please be patient.

Recruit attendance is tracked with our DKP system. If you are in the zone/instance we are raiding, then your attendance will be automatically be recorded. DO NOT USE /ANON. In order for the DKP parser to pick up your attendance a CD or TA tag must be visible on /who.

If you are sitting out due to the instance being full, you must be responsive to the DKP/attendance check. At the start of every long clear or boss encounter, a raid officer will announce a DKP/attendance check in raid channel for any players sitting out. You must send a tell to that officer. Yes, we do know who is sitting out already, but we won't count players that are AFK or asleep. The tell must be received before we are halfway done the clear or boss.

Recruits do earn DKP, and that is all you get to know. You will not be privy to your DKP totals or item DKP values until you earn member status. Any loot you are awarded will be deducted from your DKP total. Available loot will be announced in the raid channel. You are free to ask for any items. Don't be shy; gearing you is in our best interests. We will not take a negative view of you for asking for loot. Current raid content typically always goes to members that want. Content from previous expansions will frequently only be wanted to recruits, so please ask for these items if you can use.

We realize that recruits have lives that will conflict with our raiding schedule. If you expect to miss several raids, please post under the Vacations thread on the public forum. Although keep in mind that all absences will negatively affect your raid attendance percent, regardless of reason.

Fridays will typically always be a free night. Individual members may organize small raids to hit older content, but DKP and attendance will not be taken.