31 Oct 12

08 Jan 10

Cestus Dei is Recruiting new members!

Farken is cool~ Join us!

Cestus Dei is always looking for great players and we always have room for terrific people. Right now, we have a particular need for these specific classes.

Warriors : High
Clerics : High
Druids : High
Wizards : High
Enchanters : High
Necromancers : High
Shamans : Medium
Berserkers : High

Any class is always welcome to apply as long as they feel they fit in with what Cestus Dei is about: A strong desire to finish expansions first, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. We care more about who you are, rather than what class you play or gear you have. Playtime is a must, attitude is a must, we can fix anything else on our end.

What we expect from Applicants

We expect our applicants to have at least 2500 AA covering all the basics for their class.

We value game knowledge and play skill very highly, but we value personality above all else. It doesn't matter how good a player you are if your personality doesn't fit with ours. We're looking for people who value maturity and professionalism in their dealings with friends, guildmates, and strangers alike, and those who are dedicated and determined to succeed at the highest level of the game. Skill level, willingness to learn, and playtime are extremely important.

If you feel you'd be a good fit for us, or if you have any questions, please send a tell to or in game email to Drizerker, Haplomt, Sandaormo, Zelena or Farken for further recruitment questions.